Counselling In And Around Nottingham

Counselling in Nottingham and surrounding areas with a caring, insightful, experienced counsellor who is fully qualified and able to help you deal with what’s troubling you.

How will counselling help me?

CCC Registered Counsellor

  • Counselling helps you make sense of what is going on in your life
  • A counsellor supports you through difficult times
  • Counselling helps you to understand your feelings and deal with them

Working with a counsellor gives you the opportunity to talk in confidence in a safe environment, find ways of coping with difficulties, work out what your options are and make good choices.

My job is to come alongside and help you find a way forward that feels right for you. I won’t judge you and I won’t tell you what to do.

Hugh gently helps you to face reality and tap into your inner strength to deal with life’s challenges.

He is an insightful counsellor who helps you to see things for what they really are and find ways of dealing with them that work for you.

Counselling with Hugh will help you to make positve changes that transform your life. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to you. Lynne Lee

If you are you struggling with your feelings day to day, or grappling with negative thoughts about yourself, or if life isn’t going the way you had hoped…

You don’t have to find a way through on your own.

People decide to have counselling for all sorts of reasons, these are some of the things I have helped people with in the past:

  • Feeling bad about themselves
  • Emotional problems
  • Prostate cancer
  • Panic attacks
  • Being bullied
  • Self-harming
  • Eating problems
  • Family problems
  • Dealing with the end of a relationship
  • Dealing with anger, anxiety, sadness or grief
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Coping with stress
  • Dealing with a crisis
  • Work problems
  • Issues of faith
  • Feelings of shame
  • Feeling guilty
  • Depression

I’m available to spend time with you exploring whatever you want to talk about.

If you feel… stressed, hopeless, worthless, unable to cope, depressed, unlovable, like an outsider, lonely, afraid, anxious, or if you just need someone to talk things through with and you’d like to talk with somebody who will really listen to you and help you to navigate a way through.

Call 01773 770378 and a caring and experienced counsellor will offer a personal and confidential service to help you deal with pain, panic or day-to day problems, which are affecting your confidence and behaviour.

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’re likely to keep on getting the same results. Counselling with me can help you to

  • Find peace of mind
  • Improve your relationships
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Feel more confident
  • Deal with change
  • Make decisions
  • Feel happy again

It is possible to move on from the past and live your life more fully and joyfully.

There are a number of ways to contact me:

You can email me at

Or you can call me on 01773 770378 or 07846 432787

I’m looking forward to helping you on the road to recovery. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’m here to help.

I also offer Professional Supervision for counsellors who are already qualified or are in counsellor training.

Counselling with Hugh Driskell - How To Contact Hugh

How will I know if counselling with you is the right thing for me?

Questions about counselling

We can agree an initial meeting at which I will answer your questions and explain how I work. This initial meeting will be about 30 minutes, and will help you to decide whether counselling with me feels like the right solution  for you.

This meeting is entirely free regardless of what you decide. You have nothing to lose by getting in touch, and counselling with me may be just what you need to help you recover and move on.

You can email me at

Or call me on 01773 770378 or 07846 432787Directory of Counselling UK & Ireland

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’m easy to talk to.

I also offer Counselling Supervision.  

This what David had to say about counselling supervision with me.

As mature student currently undertaking a diploma in Therapeutic Counselling I feel that I have and continue to benefit greatly from engaging in the developmentally collaborative and supportive relationship I share with Hugh.

Despite being an individual experienced in life including employment relating to Mental Health, and believing I am pretty well versed in the theoretical principles attached to my studies, I found the prospect of engaging in the professional and yet very individual relationship of supervision a daunting prospect.

Choosing the right person with which one can identify, and be identified with by, is paramount. The open, warm and un-expectant manner in which Hugh engaged in our introductory meeting, allayed my concerns. The decision to enter into supervision with Hugh was a good one. To describe Hugh from my individual perspective I would say that he is not only nurturing and knowledgeable, but for me he fits my personal beliefs of “keeping it significant” and “Keeping it real”. David Keeton